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Buslane makes it easy for new generations of consumers to find and book your buses. That means a steady, effortless stream of new business for you.

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I founded Buslane to help modernize the industry. I believe those closest to the problems are often in the best position to solve them.

Michael Rogers

President, Beeline Tours

Operator for 25+ years

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Operators love Buslane

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You only pay when you accept a booking.

Save time & money

No need to manage inventory and pricing in multiple places.

Increase utilization

Fill gaps in your dispach by adding new business.

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We’ll guide you through a simple, easy setup process. You’ll be up and running in no time!


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Easily manage all your bookings in one convenient dashboard.


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Do what you do best and watch your business grow.


Get paid

Cha-ching! Expect payment 72 hours after completion of a trip.


What the industry is saying


This is the solution the industry needs.

Peter Pantuso

President, American Bus Association (ABA)


Very impressive

Ken Presley

COO, United Motorcoach Association (UMA)


Sign me up!.

Gladys Gillis

Owner, The Starline Connection


We need this if we want to grow our industry.

Dale McMichael

Owner, Executive Coach

Supercharge your revenue today with Buslane.

  • What is Buslane?

    Buslane is a managed marketplace connecting buyers with sellers allowing consumers to easily search, compare and book a bus from a local bus company.

  • How is Buslane different from a bus broker?

    Buslane isn't your typical bus broker. Here's how we're different:

    1. We don’t price your service, you determine the rate.
    2. You own the customer, after accepting a trip Buslane sends you all customer data.
    3. We don’t pretend to be a bus company.
  • Does Buslane work with all bus companies?

    The quality of our service is a top priority for us. Therefore, we carefully vet all companies who apply to work with Buslane before they’re featured on our marketplace.

  • If Buslane is free to join, how does Buslane make money?

    Buslane charges a commission for any charters accepted by an operator and the customer pays a small convenience fee on each transaction.

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