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How Buslane works


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Plan the perfect trip and be instantly matched with trusted local bus operators ready to take you wherever you're going.


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Skip the back and forth emails with dozens of bus companies trying to find a quote. With Buslane, compare bus operators and checkout all in one place. That was easy!


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The company you’ve selected will review your itinerary and confirm your booking quickly, following up if any additional details are needed to make your trip a success. You’ll be set to go!


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Experience a seamless, hassle-free trip with a great bus operator, backed by Buslane.

  • What is Buslane?

    Buslane is the easy way to search, compare, and book a bus rental.

    Booking a bus is normally a tedious and difficult process. You have to call multiple independent bus companies just to get a reasonable quote, and send a lot of back and forth emails to get your trip organized and confirmed. Despite efforts to find trustworthy reviews, you may get unlucky with a not-so-great company that ruins the experience – no one needs that extra stress when planning a trip!

    Buslane is different. You start by planning the perfect itinerary with our trip builder, and get instantly connected with dozens of trusted, vetted local bus operators to choose from. Compare prices, reviews, and profiles in one easy app. Once you've found the perfect operator for your needs, you check out online and your itinerary is sent straight to the operator – no back and forth required! You get transparent pricing, easy trip planning, and the peace of mind that comes with knowing all operators are vetted and backed by Buslane.

  • Does Buslane work with all bus companies?

    The quality of our service is a top priority for us. Our customers trust Buslane to only show operators we feel confident can deliver an exceptional experience. Therefore, we carefully vet all companies who apply to work with Buslane before they’re featured on our marketplace.

  • What if I need to change my trip itinerary after booking?

    No problem! You'll be able to easily manage your trip in your portal and request changes if necessary.

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