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Buslane for operators

A whole new way to grow your bus operating business

Buslane makes it easy for new generations of consumers to find and book your buses. That means a steady, effortless stream of new business for you.

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Our expertise

By operators. For operators.

Buslane was founded by Michael Rogers, owner and operator of Beeline Tours in Seattle for over 25 years. Through his decades of experience, Michael knows firsthand the many challenges of running a successful and profitable bus operating company. He saw how the lack of modern tools held many operating companies back, as they relied on archaic and inefficient systems to run their businesses.

He founded Buslane to help operators get out of the day-to-day grind of bringing in new business, managing trips, customer service, and everything in between. Let Buslane take those logistics off your plate, so you can focus on growing your revenue and running a healthy, happy, and fulfilling operating company.

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The Buslane difference

Bus brokers

You own the customer

Buslane connects you directly with your client, streamlining communication and ensuring your business gets the credit it deserves.


You're in control

Buslane doesn't price your service and we never ask you to reduce your price allowing you to keep more of the money.


100% transparency

Buslane doesn't pretend to be a bus company, we're a marketplace platform that directly connects buyers and operators similar to AirBnB.


Advanced booking app

Automates simple hourly quotes, contracting, and accounts receivables saving your team valuable time while providing your customers with a modern check-out experience.


Your brand, our technology

Eliminate those outdated quote forms and give your customers a seamless on-brand booking experience that increases conversions and differentiates your company.


Operators love Buslane

This is the solution the industry needs.

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We need this if we want to grow our industry.

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How it works

Step 1

Join and get listed for free

Buslane is 100% free to join as an operator. We only take a cut once you’ve booked a trip, so it’s zero risk to try it out. We’ll guide you through a simple, easy setup process. You’ll be up and running in no time!

Step 2

Start accepting bookings

You’ll get notified when a customers books a trip with you, along with their detailed itinerary and notes all ready to go.

Step 3

Deliver exceptional service

Do what you do best and watch your business grow. Manage all your bookings, customer service, billing, and more through your Buslane dashboard. Focus all your extra energy on a top-notch trip for your customers.

Step 4

Get paid fast

Cha-ching! Buslane pays out for each trip fast – Expect payment 72 hours after successful completion of a trip.

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  • Buslane is a managed marketplace connecting buyers with sellers allowing consumers to easily search, compare and book a bus from a local bus company.

  • Buslane isn’t your typical bus broker. Here’s how we’re different:

    1. We don’t price your service, you determine the rate.
    2. You own the customer, after accepting a trip Buslane sends you all customer data.
    3. We don’t pretend to be a bus company.
  • The quality of our service is a top priority for us. Therefore, we carefully vet all companies who apply to work with Buslane before they’re featured on our marketplace.

  • Buslane charges a commission for any charters accepted by an operator and the customer pays a small convenience fee on each transaction.